Humidity Chamber

Humidity Chamber

Technical Specification
Temperature Range:20°C - 60 °C
Humidity Range:40%RH - 95%RH
Accuracy:+0.2 °C / +2.0 % RH
Uniformity:+1.0 °C / +3.0 % RH
Test suitable for:25°C & 60%RH, 30°C & 65%RH, 40°C & 75%RH, 30°C & 75%RH

Specially designed chambers for Low Humidity conditions such as 25°C & 40%RH, 40°C & 25%RH , 30°C & 35%RH.

Stability Chambers are used in performing “Stability Studies”. Stability studies provide an evidence on the changes in the quality of product with Time, under the influence of varied environmental factors: Temperature, Humidity.

Evaluation of product (API or Formulations) under recommended storage conditions, ( with appropriate tolerances) that test its “Thermal Stability” & if applicable, its sensitivity to moisture.

In simple words, Stability can be expressed as: “The capacity of a drug to remain within specifications established, to assure its Integrity, Strength, Quality & Purity”

Humidity Chamber Preview

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Inner Working Chamber is fabricated of “Stainless Steel” (matt finish) & Exterior is of G.I. Powder coated OR stainless steel: sSS304 or SS3016 according to the needs of client or user. The inner working chamber is water & vapour tight high-grade stainless steel. All seams are arc-welded & passivated for strength& durability.

Leveling Legs

“Bullet feet” ensures easy mobility during installation & cleaning. Bullet feet are specially designed for longer life under heavy load with built in screwing adjustment “for accurate horizontal levelling of the chamber).


Heavy duty solid stainless steel duly electro polished perforated trays are provided, which are easy to clean, saves time & efforts while cleaning, & also height adjustable for convenience with the help of channels.(Height Adjustable every Half an inch).


Full View Glass Door

Single Door with a “Viewing Window” (of Toughened Glass) for easy inspection & viewing the samples without disturbing the set environmental conditions of the chamber (by opening the door).


Inner working chamber is provided with a fluorescent tube for illuminating the chamber to view & inspect samples visually.

21 CFR PART-11 Compliance

Log data, Event data, Audit Trail data, E-Records & E-signatures, Graphical analysis& Data acquisition.

Features200 Ltrs400 Ltrs600 Ltrs800 Ltrs1000 Ltrs1000 Ltrs2000 Ltrs3000 Ltrs
Exterior Dimension
Width in mm76086086086096096019202240
Depth in mm10301230143014301430143012601310
Height in mm14501550170020502210221018902190
Power Supply
Power SupplySingle Phase, 230V 50Hz
Power Rating2KW3KW3KW4KW4KW4KW6KW6KW
Warranty12 Months
Interior Dimension
Width in mm60070070070080080016001900
Depth in mm400600800800800800750800
Height in mm850950110014501600160017002000
No of Trays233444812
TypeWiremesh Type
Tray spacingEvery 1/2" Adjustable--
ModelsMaterial of Construction
MK1S.S.304 Dull FinishG.I  Powder Coated
MK2S.S.304 Dull FinishS.S.304 Dull Finish
MK3S.S.316 Dull FinishS.S.304 Dull Finish

Other Sizes also available as on requirement.